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 Day 1, Monday November 16 Day 2, Tuesday November 17
 Time Subject Venue Time Subject Venue
 10.00 Registration & coffee Rontgen 09.00  Start Conference Day 2
Session 1: Support for a healthy life (technology) Auditorium Einstein Session 4: Supporting healthy sleep behavior Auditorium Einstein
 10.30 Welcome by Reinder Haakma, Philips Research Eindhoven 09.00 Strategies for Reducing Bedtime Procrastination by Joel Anderson, Univ. of Utrecht
 10.35 Philips personal health programs – role of e-coaching by Annelies Goris, Philips BG Personal Health Solutions,  09.30 The autonomic perspective of sleep: a valuable tool for large scale sleep evaluation and improvement by Anda Baharav, Wingate Inst. Netanya, Sleeprate Inc., Israel 
 11.00 Persuasive systems design for health by Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Univ. of Oulu, Finland 10.10 Sleepcare: persuasive strategies in e-coaching for insomnia by Robbert Jan Beun, Univ. of Utrecht
 11.40 Getting Things Done about Your Health by David Allen, David Allen Comp., Amsterdam
 12.20 Lunch & Posters  Rontgen 10.40 Coffee break Rontgen
Session 2: Promoting active lifestyles Auditorium Einstein Break-out sessions in smaller groups:Session 5a: e-coaching companies Lorentz/ Zeeman Room
 13.40 Active2Gether: Innovative and smart coaching strategies to promote physical activity by Saskia te Velde, VU Univ. Medical Center, Amsterdam 11.10

Gamification: beyond stars and badges by Jaap Gerretsen, QLVR Company.

14.10 The self-regulation of health behavior change by Peter Gollwitzer, Psychology Dept. of NYU and the Univ. of Konstanz and Gabriele Oettingen, Prof, of Psychology at NYU and the Univ. of Hamburg 11.20

Embedding e-health, why is it so hard to realize by Tjard de Cock Buning, VU Univ. Amsterdam

14.50 Personalization for Health Behaviour Change by Judith Masthoff, Univ. of Aberdeen, UK 11.30 An ounce of prevention is worth at least a pound of cure by Jean Gelissen, EIT Digital
11.40 Panel Discussion
Session 5b: The link with clinical applications Auditorium
11.10 Gabriele Oettingen, Prof. of Psychology at NYU and the Univ. of Hamburg
11.20 Clinical research in a tech-driven era; if you can’t beat’em, join ‘em”! by Jaap Trappenburg, Univ. Medical Center Utrecht 
11.30 Digital as an eHealthy Lifestyle Solution by Pēteris Zilgalvis, European Commission
11.40 Panel discussion
 15.30 Coffee break & posters Rontgen 12.30 Lunch  Rontgen
Session 3: E-coaching to for weight control Auditorium Einstein Session 6: Mental aspects for healthy lifestyles Auditorium Einstein
 16.00 Health Behavior Change and Self-Control: Seven Soft Spots for Devising Optimal Interventions by
Wilhelm HofmannSocial Cognition Center Cologne, University of Cologne, Germany
13.30 Reducing stress and anxiety in pregnant women through biofeedback: first findings by Anja Huizink, VU Univ., Dept. of Clinical Developmental Psychology, Amsterdam
 16.40 Think Slim! From monitoring to intervention by Anne Roefs, Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience, Maastricht Univ. 14.00 Spotifying Mental-health, personalise, engage and connect by Heleen Riper, Vrije Univ. Amsterdam
 17.10 Drinks The Lounge 14.40 Coffee break  Rontgen
 17.55 Dinner + Lecture Koert van Mensvoort The Lounge Session 7: Persuasion and ethics Auditorium Einstein
  15.10 Persuasion in e-coaching for lifestyle improvement by BJ Fogg (video presentation)
15.25 Sincere Support. The rise of the e-coach by Jelte Timmer Rathenau Instituut, Technology Assessment, The Hague
  15.55 How to build socially robust e-coaching devices? Designers dealing with ethical and legal preconditions for societal acceptance. by Maartje Niezen, senior researcher at Tilburg University
  16.25 Responsible Innovation for Health by Jeroen van den Hoven, Prof. at Technical Univ. of Delft
  17.05 Closure by Reinder Haakma